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CVS Support Ticket - CVS customer service RUDE PHARMACIST !

CVS Support Ticket

CVS customer service RUDE PHARMACIST !

Created By: nanging's Picture nanging Last Reply: DrDJ's Picture DrDJ
Priority Level: [Emergency] Status: [Open]
Created: 10 years ago Last Updated: 8 years ago
Department: N/A Replies: 1

I have been going to my neighborhood CVS for YEARS !!!
I had a busted blood vessel in my eye, it burned and hurt terribly, I went inside the store to get my RX asap, I told the Pharmacist, please help me I was crying in pain for the burning in my eye. She said its too bad, because our normal wait time is 45 minutes !
There were not any other customer in the RX area waiting !
I have never been treated so rudely, by a so called health professional !
Her initials were S.M. I never saw her there before and hope to never see her again !
I went back an hour later after going on home and putting compresses on my eye, it was a simple RX to fill, it was eye drops all she had to do was slap a label on it !


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Ticket Replies

DrDJ says: (8 years ago)
First, I am a pharmacist (a Doctor of Pharmacy to be exact) and I agree that you should have been treated with more priority. So please do NOT hear me making light of your case.

I am posting moreso because of your comments like "no one was in the waiting room" and "all you have to do is slap a label on it". I challenge you to go and sit in the waiting room one day, when you are well, and just observe. Just because no one is physically standing there in the waiting room does NOT mean we can immediately fill people's prescriptions that walk up! If you are told your prescription will be done in 30 minutes and you leave to go eat and come back in 30 minutes, you still expect your prescription to be done in 30 minutes - whether or not you physically stand there and wait - right?? Would you like it if you came back to find your prescription wasn't done yet because the pharmacist filled everyone else's prescription before yours because they wanted to physically wait in the waiting room???

And the "slap the label on" comment - seriously??? If that is all it takes, why are you not a pharmacist?? We get paid pretty darn well for just "slapping a label on". The way you say it suggests that we perform a task that any 4 year old could perform. We do have to enter your order in the computer. It is the law. We do have to be sure the correct drug is given with the correct directions on the label. We do have to make sure the doctor prescribed the drug correctly with correct directions. (Believe it or not, doctors are human too and do make mistakes. Part of our job is to be a check for the doctors so if they screwed up, hopefully we can intervene and make sure people are not treated incorrectly - that is why it takes so many years for us to get a pharmacy degree). Oh, and did you want it to be billed to your insurance? As we are filling your prescription, you might notice that phones are ringing off the wall, the drive-thru is buzzing, other people are dropping off prescriptions, doctors are calling in prescriptions, people are calling for advice, people are picking up prescriptions, etc., etc. Hmmmm.... I could go on and on.

I know when you are sick or hurt, you want to be helped so you can feel better. I get that. I want the same thing for myself when I am sick or hurt. But please don't negate the fact that you are not the only person that is sick or hurt. Trust me - if we could get every single person in and out of the pharmacy in 5 minutes, we CERTAINLY would! If anyone is in such dire pain or is bleeding or feels like they are about to die - the public pharmacy is not where you need to be. You need to go to the ER and tell them you can not wait to get medicine at a pharmacy. They need to give you something at the ER to last you until you can get your prescription filled. The wait at my pharmacy is no less than 45 minutes at any given time - even when we first open the doors in the morning. I am only human and can only do so much so fast. I, as a pharmacist, REFUSE to jeopardize your health and my license. You should be thankful of that. One wrong move on part part can take your life. Prescriptions are not like fast food orders. You will not die if I forget to put cheese on your cheeseburger. But if I get in a hurry and fill your prescription incorrectly, then you could be 6 feet under within a matter of minutes or hours. I would assume you would prefer your eye to hurt for 30 more minutes than to be 6 feet under??

And I am sure it doesn't sound like it, but I will not hurry to fill a prescription, and it is because I CARE. If I didn't care, I would chunk some pills in a bottle and hand them to you without any thought.

The point is, why don't you say that you know you were in pain and you were impatient and irritated that your prescription could not be filled faster (understandably so). Don't disrespect an entire profession because things did not go the way you felt they should have. It is one thing if you were treated rudely. But sometimes there are legitimate reasons why your prescription(s) cannot be filled at that very moment. Again, I promise you if your prescription could be done in 2 minutes, it would be done in 2 minutes. We do not get any type of pleasure in making people wait an hour. We don't want you standing there staring at us any more than you like actually standing there staring at us!

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