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CVS Complaint - CVS customer service RUDE PHARMACIST - PHARMACIST S.M RUDE!
CVS Complaint

CVS Complaint

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I have been going to my neighborhood CVS for YEARS !!!
I had a busted blood vessel in my eye, it burned and hurt terribly, I went inside the store to get my RX asap, I told the Pharmacist, please help me I was crying in pain for the burning in my eye. She said its too bad, because our normal wait time is 45 minutes !
There were not any other customer in the RX area waiting !
I have never been treated so rudely, by a so called health professional !
Her initials were S.M. I never saw her there before and hope to never see her again !
I went back an hour later after going on home and putting compresses on my eye, it was a simple RX to fill, it was eye drops all she had to do was slap a label on it !

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useyourbrainpeople says: (8 years ago)
Wow, sounds like you did run into an uncaring, unprofessional pharmacist for sure.

With all due respect, it NEVER is as simple as "slapping a label on the bottle". If that is all it took to be a pharmacist, then why isn't everyone a pharmacist. Pharmacists sure get paid an awful lot to "slap labels on bottles". For one, people need to realize they are not the only customer in the pharmacy. Even if there are no people standing right there, there are people who have been told when they can come back and get their medication. They should not be put further back in line just because they do not stand right there and wait. Also, it will sound uncaring, but you are not the only individual that is waiting for a medication for an emergency. I understand you were in pain and needed something ASAP. But others are in the same situation, believe it or not. Trust me - if pharmacists could get everyone's prescriptions out in 2 minutes, they definitely would. They don't make people wait just for the fun of it.

Have you ever tried to read what a doctor writes on a prescription? Sometimes the pharmacist can not read it either - which means the doctor must be called to get help deciphering what the heck he/she wants you to have and how he/she wants you to use/take it.

And I think people need to take time to realize what all goes on in a pharmacy. First, all of your information (name, date of birth, address, phone number, allergies, etc.), have to be reviewed before your prescriptions can even begin to be typed in. Second, your insurance has to be billed. If the claim rejects, then someone has to get on the phone and call your insurance - which may take 3 minutes, or it may take 25 minutes or longer. Once everything is entered in, the medication must be poured/counted/mixed/etc. Then the pharmacist must bring your prescription up in the computer and verify that the entire thing was typed in correctly and the correct medication and quantity and directions and doctor name and refills and patient name was entered. Also, the pharmacist has to check to be sure that all of your other medications will not interact with the new prescription. And they also have to check to be sure that the doctor didn't possibly prescribe the medication incorrectly (doctors are not infallible ya know).

While doing all of this, all of the staff has to answer the billions of phone calls that ring in the pharmacy, take new prescriptions from doctors, call doctors' offices for refills, answer customer questions, give advice and recommendations, let people into the bathroom, go show people where to find particular products, give flu shots, make phone calls to customers reminding them to pick up their medications, ring people up at the register, help people in the drive-thru, fill out reports, be on conference calls, and possibly even take a minute to go to the bathroom themselves and maybe eat lunch for 10 minutes on their 12 hour shift. Yes, pharmacists are human and their body needs food and needs to go to the bathroom like everyone else.

Again, I would hope that most pharmacists would see the urgency of a situation like yours and try to accommodate you as best as they can. But please do not think all they have to do is "slap a label on a bottle". If that is all your pharmacist does, then please RUN, DO NOT WALK, away from that pharmacy and go find another place to get your medications. There is MUCH MUCH MUCH more to the practice of pharmacy than counting a few pills and slapping labels on bottles - contrary to popular belief, I'm sure!

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